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Brass fine mesh cloth, 75, 150, 180 micron, made in Japan. Roll width - 1 meter.
Price- 150 Eur per meter.
Mesh size, microns
Boron nitride vurtzite like. Application: synthesis of cubic boron nitride, various additives. Made in Ukraine. Particle size: 20-50 micron, please review particle size distribution diagram
Price- 150 Eur per 1 kg.
Graphite electrodes, HDG (high density graphite) made in USA. Diameter - 20mm, length- 300 mm, weight- 170 gr.

Price- 5 Eur per item.
Diamond wheels
Application: making and sharpening of tungsten carbide and high-speed steel tools, grinding and polishing tungsten carbide, heat-resistant, alloy-treated and stainless steel, glass, ceramics, silicon, refractories, gem stones and other materials
Original Poltava diamond powder.
Made in Ukraine.
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