LLC Merqum is member of international (Ukraine, Brazil, Estonia) holding with interests in enterprise management solutions (Ukraine), cocoa products (Brazil), medicine (Estonia), investments into real estate, agriculture, renewable energy (Brazil)

Our projects

Enterprise management software

Cliniqum is an advanced multiplatform management system for various clinics, including chains, which enables doctors and clinic administrators to manage efficiently daily operational needs.

Work Flow & Queue Management

Registration of patients and monitor their progress from Wait Queue to Consultation and Dispensary and up to Billing and Payment.

Patient Medical Record Management

Typical diagnosis database. Patient health history and allergy. Address book, search and reminders (including SMS). XRay and other digital images storage manager.

Report Manager

Over 40 reports, including daily, weekly, yearly and year-to-date reports. Issued items, prescribed drugs Inventory status, expired and expiring items and many other useful reports

Security Manager

Create user accounts for different operators - nurse, senior nurse, doctor etc. Access programm over the internet and smart card activation.

Cliniqum is an attractive option for clinics because of simplicity, intuitive interface and extended functionality. Please
review online demo or learn about some features below:

Schedule module allows management of patient’s and doctor’s data, planning visits and working day for a doctor.

Patient module is the most comprehensive in Cliniqum and has the following functions

  • profile management: personal data, contacts, etc
  • history (medical data and automated diagnoses)
  • invoice (including integration with health insurance companies)
  • prescription (includes database of medicines).

Dental or other custom module contains information and functions, specific for a dentist: dental chart, etc. Reports module contains functions of management accounting and produce customizable reports for management

Administration alows user and access rights management, integration with external software like Skype or external data like image bank or insurance record.