Product development
The system works as follows to create password:
- scanning of biometric characteristics (of a fingerprint);
- image recognition (OCR);
- enciphering points which form image of biometric characteristic using pre-selected coordinate grid;
- password generation of enciphered image using coding table.

Product development encompasses the following:
- Image capture development: sensor selection, testing and installation. There are optical, electromagnetic, etc. sensors which differs by operational principles, performance and costs; this invention requires sensor which capable to produce clean image; that can be silicon sensor, but further research is required. We’ll select partners for this project stage among spare parts suppliers (more than 150 worldwide).
- Image processing development. Basically image recognition algorithms widely exist[1] but we need to create own, which is relatively simple (not to load processor) and adapted for password generation. We have the following partners in this field: Data analysis laboratory of Tula State University, Virtson Programming, Vyatka Soft (Russia), Mercum LLC (Ukraine).
- Software programming. The software combines image recognition and password generation according to the range of parameters. We have programmers in this field and partners for programming and testing: Cliniqum (Estonia), Softagment Ltd, Neurosoft.ru (Russia), Miratech (Ukraine), Art of Games (Belgium).
- Device design: combination of sensor and processor in attractive form. Preliminary we target customer market with USB-stick password manager priced below $70. We plan to create own design in cooperation with designing companies like softcascade.com.

Product development to be started from development of personal password manager. We believe it’s easier to enter consumer than B2B market with new product. It means individuals more likely buy to try new inexpensive device than business consumers willing to work with reputable and well established suppliers. As soon as product is known on the market we start development of security and access control systems.

Application of biometric password generation devices.

USB-stick password manager- for personal password management. Has a fingerprint sensor and 133hz processor for password generation. Among potential consumers are travelers who have to use more than 3 passwords: for mail, bank accounts, etc.
Table password manager- for personal (home, office) and public (offices, internet cafes, libraries, etc) password management. It has the same technical performance as the USB-stick above but is more convenient for every-day use.
Biometric door locks: password generator for access control in home or public applications. It’s more secure than existing analogues; do not requires automatic opening in case of fire (can be opened without fingerprint, but with password).

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