Our services
We differentiate our services as

Programming by Merqum
Our programmers have many years of programming experience and solid academical background. Merqum is able to realize projects in various languages: from assembly code to 4th generation languages, from compiled languages like Pascal, C, PL1 and Fortran to interpreted ones like CLIST, Pearl, PHP, Unix Shell and REXX. We have worked with Object Oriented languages like Object Pascal, C++, Javascript, SAS/AF and Crystal Reports. Documentation inside and out.

A program is crated so that a 3rd party can update and fix it as well as the original developer. We document code internally with comments, and with written documentation for the users and administrators.

Quality Coding Policy
Our mission to have orders completed on time, on reasonable price, with a highest code quality. Clear code must be target of any our project. We believe in testing all through the development cycle and being able to eliminate the smallest error probability. Our customers expect to have high quality IT product. Let us do not disappoint them.